Artist Glass art Original paintings
Artist Glass art Original paintings
Artist Glass art Original paintings


 Orkney Artist

I have lived on the island of Sanday for 25 years, with my family. We have a small farm with Hereford cattle and various breeds of sheep, and an array of companion animals, from tortoises to owls. I am originally from the county of Somerset – Cider country – with its apple orchards and leafy lanes. As a child I was always keen on drawing, but never pursued it properly and only started producing Orkney glass art in the last few years.

Orkney Sanday beach





Animals of Orkney

Prior to moving to Orkney in 1997, I worked as a Veterinary Nurse from leaving school. I qualified in 1988, and had the privilege to work for two hospitals in Gloucestershire and Cheshire. Although both were large mixed practices, I settled into the small animal side, assisting with referral work as a senior nurse. I am still involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Orkney, and also helping stray and feral cats on Sanday.

I am also an active member of the Sanday community, and am always willing to help out pets and local animals throughout the island. We have no resident Vet on the island, so I often liaise with the mainland Vets.




My style

I combine my deep love of the natural world, whether in Orkney or further afield, with my passion for creativity using a variety of different mediums, but especially glass. As an Orkney artist, I am constantly inspired and surprised by the beauty of the ever-changing world around me, and grateful for the inspiration it provides. I am drawn towards all of nature – plants and animals alike.

Although glass is a relatively new art medium for me, I absolutely love it. It is very versatile, completely re-useable, and very addictive! I still continue to do felting, drawing and painting. Quite often I use a mix of these skills to create a glass piece. All the pieces I make are fairly unique as, so far, I have never recreated the exact same piece twice in the same medium, except by commission. I’m not sure if this makes me inconsistent or exciting as an Orkney artist! I enjoy what I do, from the process of planning, through to making, from start to finish. I am constantly looking for new inspiration, and I particularly love the versatility of nature and colours found around Orkney.

All mounted pictures have a hand printed background which, again, is completely unique to my creative style.



 Orkney artwork of houses


As an Orkney artist, I’m always looking for my next creative challenge. If you’re looking to purchase any of my artworks, head over to my Shop page now to see what I have on offer.

After something in particular?

Have a look at my Commissions page for more information on what I can make for you!


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